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Inlays & Onlays


Inlays and onlays offer amazing cosmetic and strengthening solutions that repair teeth with decay or structural damage. Roseville dentist, Dr. Judd, has made some very beautiful and natural inlays and onlays. These tooth-colored restorations preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible while protecting teeth with incredibly strong, beautifully cosmetic materials. Restorative materials are only applied where needed: inlays strengthen the center of the tooth while onlays cover the cusp(s) of the tooth.

Our Technology Creates Superior Restorations

Dr. Judd’s dedication to the most advanced technology that improves your smile has led him to use D4D technology. A competitor to one-hour CEREC crowns, D4D in-mouth scanning and laboratory technology offers more accurate contouring, superior polish and glaze for inlays and onlays in just two appointments. The second appointment is worth the lab-fabricated inlays and onlays because of their striking realism and strength due to professional laboratory craftsmanship. This extra care for a better final restoration is the hallmark of the precision of Cosmetic Dentistry in Roseville.

Scientific advancements have made non-metal materials available that are extremely durable and can blend with teeth due to customizable color matching which is incredibly long lasting. Our discerning Cosmetic Dentist uses lithium disilicate for restorations, because of its versatility of application, aesthetic quality that matches your teeth, and strength that rivals previous dental standard materials. Lithium disilicate does not expand or contract with changes in temperature as metal fillings do, which can crack teeth over time. Dr. Judd can address your structural and cosmetic dentistry needs from his Cosmetic Dentistry office in Roseville.

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