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The Best Teeth Whitening Dentist in Roseville


Everyone wants a beautiful, dazzling smile that conveys youth, vitality and health! Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments used in cosmetic dentistry because of its ease and affordability and Dr. Judd is a true teeth whitening expert.

The Roseville teeth whitening process involves placing a bleaching solution in contact with the teeth causing oxidation of stains and subsequent lightening. Several factors can contribute to discoloration including age, certain foods and drinks, smoking, and medications.

Brilliantly White Teeth

For years I have been following different tooth whitening systems. In dental
school we were taught to soak a gauze in peroxide and then place it on the
tooth. An instrument like a woodturning tool was then heated and placed
against the gauze. The patient would grit their teeth until they could not stand
the pain from the heat, the tooth was calmed down and then tried again…and
again. It was a very painful process.

Home whitening came truly by accident. A Periodontist had his patients fill
custom trays with a peroxide product called Luride to help reduce bacteria in
the tissues. Coincidentally, they got white teeth. Luride flew off the shelves and home whitening was born.

I purchased a Zoom Whitening light twenty years ago, because it was advertised so heavily and patients wanted it. It too was painful on the teeth and burned the gums. I had to prescribe meds for patients just to get through the night. But the bottomline is that I was not happy with the whitening results.

Study after study over the years showed that the light, laser or other energy source did not effect outcome, but the time that the peroxide was on the teeth was the key. We have lasers in the office, it sounds great, and I did not see our patients with the sensitivity that the Zoom system did. I rode with the laser whitening for a while, but here too I have been disappointed.

I have been following the Kor Whitening System for years and truly the best cases I have ever done have been with the Kor products. I sat down with our office team and we have committed to using the Kor Whiteng System, because of the results we all see.

The Kor System is versatile with three levels of care. The first is the routine Take Home product. This is for the easy cases with not too much required. The second is when we whiten your teeth in office and then send you home with whitening for a couple of weeks. This handles most of the difficult cases well.  The third option is to have you whiten in the office, then do the home whitening for two weeks and then come back for another round of in office whitening. This
is for the really hard cases, but I have seen incredible results.

I am happy to be using the Kor Whitening System for our patients and know that we are using the state of the art product. Happy whitening!

Discuss The Right Teeth Whitening For You

As a caring cosmetic dentist in Roseville, Dr. Judd knows that helping people to look their best brings with it a responsibility to ensure that results are achieved in a safe, reliable, and effective way. It’s remarkable how often we see that safe, simple procedures like supervised at-home teeth whitening can boost your self-confidence.

Why the emphasis on supervision from your dentist for teeth whitening at home? There is no single reason for teeth staining. Every smile is unique and every whitening formula is best suited to a particular purpose. Therefore, we can recommend safe teeth whitening products that over a few days or a few weeks can:

  • Whiten accumulated surface stains created by certain everyday food and drinks.
  • Meet the challenge of stains trapped in microcracks in tooth surfaces.
  • Remove stains within the tooth structure caused by illness or medication – something only a dentist can do.

We are happy to discuss your best alternative. If you are thinking about rejuvenating your smile, please call us. Let us save you the disappointment of store products that don’t work for your smile or that offer only temporary results. We will discuss options with you, and then provide whitening solutions that are both safe and effective and that amplify your unique smile.

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