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Balance the Proportions of Your Teeth


Gum contouring by Dr. Judd in Roseville is a remarkably simple procedure that can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your smile!

Dr. Judd can quickly and comfortably, in just one quick visit to our office, recontour your gum line, revealing a more appealing smile. The procedure is very safe, simple to perform, and leaves your smile looking more youthful and engaging.

Uncover Your Beautiful Smile

Sometimes all that may be required is reshaping the gum tissue. This can give a more aesthetically balanced appearance, providing your smile with a beautifully symmetrical frame. This procedure can now be performed gently and very precisely by utilizing the latest techniques in laser dentistry. Not only is this very quick and painless, but also tissue heals very quickly.

In some patients, contouring the tissue alone is not enough. In those circumstances the underlying bone tissue at the front of the root may have to be reduced or the gum tissue will grow back. This procedure, while more invasive than just contouring the gum, is still a very comfortable treatment in the skilled hands of Dr. Judd.

Does your smile have “hidden” potential? Contact Dr. Judd to find out how easy it is to reveal your smile’s hidden beauty!

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