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Comfortable Sedation Dentistry in Roseville

With a Sedation Dentist you can have an anxiety-free dental visit that will promote a healthy condition for your oral and overall health. It is also possible to easily overcome dental fears or phobias with sedation dentistry at our office in Roseville with Dr. Judd.

Sedation dentistry gives Roseville patients a solution for vital dentistry, with a truly comfortable dental experience. Many adults avoid professional dental care, sometimes for years at a time. This contributes to the need for more extensive dental treatment in the future.

Compassionate care and patient education can help you understand the benefits of the dental care that you need, whether or not you are considering sedation dentistry.

Great Sedation Dentistry, Without Anxiety

Dr. Judd offers oral conscious sedation dentistry, which is painlessly administered, by taking a pill that creates a relaxed and calm state of mind, where you can still communicate with Dr. Judd during your procedure, but are much less sensitive to the dental treatment itself. Your wellness and vital signs are closely monitored throughout your treatment, and Dr. Judd has the professional training in sedation dentistry to provide your total care.

Multiple or complex dental procedures can also be performed during an oral conscious sedation appointment.

We also help you understand your treatment and how it will affect your health. Roseville sedation dentistry patients no longer have to choose between comfort and oral health!

Call Dr. Judd, for your consultation about your anxiety-free sedation dentistry visit in Roseville today.


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