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Our Roseville Dental Testimonials

Dr. Judd’s Roseville dental testimonials capture warm regards from his patients.His work is truly life-changing, see for yourself!







13I’m ecstatic about the cosmetic dentistry that Dr. Judd and his team have provided me.  I had 10 veneers placed on my upper teeth, creating a fabulous smile that I could only have imagined. The whole process, from beginning to end, was a very pleasant and rewarding experience. His whole team is very professional, thorough and cute too!
My teeth are on a regular treatment plan for maintenance and well worth it!  I am a very happy camper.
Thank you Dr. Judd!!!
– Mike B.


LindaDsmile - Version 3I’ve had dark stained teeth since I was young.  Years ago I had bonding placed on my teeth but that just didn’t hold up.
I finally decided to have veneers placed.  My smile is beautiful and radiant; I am so happy!!  Thank you Bryan!
– Linda D.



IMG_0401_ppFirst, I am so glad I made the decision to get veneers.  I have a new smile and a more balanced face.  I no longer worry about my teeth not showing in photographs; my smile happens naturally.
I was pretty apprehensive about the process, scared in fact, but Dr. Judd’s professional confidence was comforting and I knew I was in excellent hands.
Dr. Judd and his staff are amazing and kind.  I actually look forward to my appointments.  I’m a long term patient.
– Sherry R.




I was in an accident when I was nine years old and severely broke my two front teeth.  The dentist put filling material on the teeth to fix them which chipped and broke all the time.  Years later, I had ugly porcelain with metal crowns placed because I had to have root canals.  They made my teeth dark and I was embarrassed to smile.  15 years later, I was so fortunate to cross paths with Dr. Judd who was able to create the perfect smile I’ve always wanted!  I am now able to smile with great confidence and without feeling like my smile is being judged.

– Jill C.


michelleI have been going to the same dentist since I was 10 years old. It wasn’t until I was 30 that I discovered Dr. Judd and his lovely staff. They are informative, professional, and friendly to all their patients who walk through the door. The office is very clean and beautifully decorated. As you look around the office, you see portraits of Dr. Judd’s patients who are showing off their beautiful smiles created by Dr. Judd. I am one of those lucky patients. I used to be self conscious about my smile because I didn’t like the gap in between my front teeth. Now, I can’t stop smiling! I always get compliments on my pearly white straight teeth and I am so proud to say Dr. Judd created my smile. Dr. Judd is a true artist!

If you want perfection in dentistry, Dr. Judd is hands-down the best dentist!

– Michelle A.



I have been a patient of Dr. Judd’s for over 9 years and have always had a wonderful experience. Everyone in the office is friendly, helpful, and caring. I feel like more than a patient- a friend.  My calls are always answered promptly and with an accommodating and pleasant attitude. Dr. Judd always makes sure I am 100% comfortable and satisfied. He is approachable, kind, and a perfectionist– just what you want in a dentist! The result is a beautiful smile and a very happy patient. I am constantly getting compliments on my smile and I owe it all to Dr. Judd and his staff!

– Natalie S. 


RichardIt is an amazing thing to smile with confidence and without apprehension.    This was all made possible because of a simple question Dr. Judd asked me at my first visit– Is there anything you would change about your smile?  The fact is, I had always been a little self conscious about my smile.   I was always a bit envious of people with beautiful teeth.

My teeth were all present, straight, and relatively white.  I never entertained the idea of cosmetic dentistry.  That said, I always had some apprehension about my smile.   I have always been uneasy about how to smile when facing down the lens of a camera.

After my first cleaning Dr. Judd suggested I return for a short visit to go over options that could improve my smile.  I am so glad that I took him up on his offer.    As the saying goes: You don’t know what you don’t know.   Veneers and Laser Gum Contouring aren’t exactly topics that come up in casual conversation amongst friends.  When he placed temporary veneers on my teeth and showed me what was possible, I was blown away.   I knew immediately that I had to follow through with his proposal.  

I can’t overstate the impact Dr. Judd’s work has had on my life.  I didn’t realize how much effort I had spent worrying about my smile.  Smiles come much more easily and naturally to me now.   Dr. Judd, you are an artist and I am reminded of that every time I look in the mirror.   Thank you for taking the time to ask a simple question that led to such an amazing change in my life.

– Richard I.



“I was told my senior year I needed braces and almost cried since I would have to have my senior pictures and go to senior ball with braces on, but I was so relieved after finding out about Invisalign. The aligners were easy to wear and hardly anyone could tell that I had them in when I was at school. Overall I think Invisalign is awesome, and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs braces!”
– Dalayna B.

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“Dr. Judd and his staff are truly fantastic!  I recommend his office to all of my friends and family looking for a great dentist.  From my check-ups to Invisalign, I am always satisfied with my results!”

– Anthony K.


“At a motorcycle race, I met a woman and noticed how beautiful her teeth were. She turned out to be Dr. Judd’s Dental Hygienist. I told her how much I wanted veneers due to chipped teeth and an uneven gum line. After my first consultation with Dr. Judd, I loved the office, the staff and him. I made the decision to change my smile. I now have the perfect teeth that I have always longed for. Everyone that I meet comments on my beautiful teeth.”


“It had been a long time goal of mine to replace old, worn bonding on my teeth with the more uniform look of veneers. From all Sacramento area dentists, it was an easy decision to choose Dr. Judd for the procedure as he had corrected the spaces on my wife’s teeth using veneers. Dr. Judd’s calm manner and professionalism made the process easy. I am extremely satisfied with the results and would recommend Dr. Judd to anyone interested in improving their smile.”


“I have spent the past ten years, of my twenty-year dental hygiene career, as a consultant in aesthetic/restorative dentistry. I recently retired my consulting wings and have settled to practice dental hygiene with Bryan Judd. Dr. Judd is my dentist,; my family’s dentist, and I also refer all of my friends and acquaintances to Dr. Judd’s practice. It is rare to find a dentist with the skill set required to achieve extreme success in enhancing smiles. Many clinicians posses the clinical expertise, but it is rare to find a dentist who has both the clinical expertise and the innate artistic ability required to create a beautiful and natural looking smile.

I love my new smile and I am proud to be working in a dental practice committed to excellence, comprehensive dental care and strong ethics.”
-Peggy Blackburn, RDH


“For many years the color and shape of my teeth bothered me. I was able to see what my son had done to enhance smiles of other patients and decided I wanted a smile that looked good for me, not too bright and not too young. I had eight veneers placed and the result was not only beautiful, but natural.”
-Dr. Keith Judd, DDS

“Your restorative expertise is incomparable. You have without question saved my teeth from a situation that would have led to 100% implants which I firmly believe should be avoided at all costs. You kept me comfortable at all times and confident to the point that I never worried about the end result during the procedure.

My procedure involved my entire mouth (27 teeth). After each segment, if there was a problem, I felt comfortable in calling, as you made yourself available to me at all times, (even on the weekends).

I have had experience with more than 10 dentists over many years and have never felt the caring and concern from a professional in your field to this degree. You enable a patient to be comfortable in communicating their knowledge and also their fears, and allow them to question your procedure and the outcome that follows.

Your office atmosphere is displayed by your team’s attitude, which is always congenial, and you put your patients at ease with empathy.

I began shopping for this procedure to be done in 2008 and 2009, visiting several dental companies for their evaluation and answers to my many questions. After consulting with other dental groups, you took the time and had the patience to answer every question I had and you were also very cost effective; at 71 years of age, and self-insured, this was a major decision.

I have enjoyed this experience to the fullest and will be soliciting your service for many years to come.

In answer to anyone who may read this, I am not related either distantly or closely to Dr. Judd; just a fully satisfied patient.”



Cosmetic Dentist testimonials for our Roseville, CA dentist office.