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Sports And Mouthguards Roseville Dentist


Mouthguards can provide invaluable protection for the teeth and mouth during contact sports or against nighttime grinding. Mouthguards by Dr. Bryan G. Judd in Roseville offers custom-fitted protection and the most comfortable wear.

Whether for sports or nighttime use, Dr. Judd can offer you a perfect fit, using professional materials specially designed for your individual protection. The quality of materials just isn’t found in the ready-made or store brands. Mouth guards are especially important for your teeth if you or your child has undergone orthodontics – you want to protect that investment. Sports and mouthguards are dental solutions that keep teeth strong and beautiful. Come see us in our Roseville office to see what would be the best options for your active lifestyle.

Protect Teeth from Contact Sports

Young athletes may be required to have mouthguards to play certain contact sports, but they do not all offer the same protection. Injuries in contact sports are very common, and using a professionally designed and custom-fitted mouthguard can greatly reduce the risk of serious injury to the teeth or mouth. Store brands or ready-made models just don’t fit each player’s mouth perfectly, nor do the materials match the comfort and strength of our custom designed mouthguards at our Roseville cosmetic dentist office.

Dr. Judd’s sports mouthguards are of dual laminate construction: soft on the inside and firm on the outside. He also incorporates individual factors into each mouthguard, for instance, he works with players who are undergoing orthodontic treatment. For these patients, Dr. Judd creates customized mouthguards that are made to work with braces. Young athletes deserve aggressive protection that makes playing hard, playing safe.

Sleep Easy With Protection from Nighttime Grinding

Nighttime grinding adversely affects the dental health of many people. Dr. Judd offers his patients, in Roseville, custom night guards that protect teeth from abrasive grinding based on the following needs:

  • a thin and comfortable guard for mild cases
  • a thicker, dual laminate guard (soft on the inside, firm on the outside) for more severe grinding

Either model is designed to perfectly fit your mouth, providing a snug fit you can’t get from a generic one-size-fits-all model. Grinding is often very hard to control, with it happening subconsciously or during sleep. Using a night guard alleviates the pressure from the teeth, preventing tooth chipping or cracking. It is important to see a dental professional to discuss nighttime grinding; if left alone, it can lead to damaged teeth and/or serious TMJ disorder problems. Bring your sleep guard concerns to Dr. Judd at The Art of Dentistry.

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