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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Health, aesthetics and function can be part of virtually any smile. No matter what the ailment, Sacramento area cosmetic dentistry in Roseville, CA can provide a proper bite, TMJ syndrome relief, optimal muscle function and visually pleasing alignment.
Dr. Judd has revealed healthy smiles in patients who have had chronic problems, such as heat sensitive teeth, sore jaw muscles, recurring headaches and so much more.
Restoring proper TMJ function is a specialty area of Dr. Judd’s. His technical skill and prowess for excellent Sacramento area cosmetic dentistry can combat serious symptoms by treating the cause of TMJ disorder, restoring comfort and confidence for you.

You can count on Dr. Judd for a professional and compassionate dental experience using the most advanced materials and technology. Put your oral health first and call upon Dr. Judd’s expertise in cosmetic dentistry for Sacramento, CA today!

Providing cosmetic dentistry to Sacramento and Roseville, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Have you had more than one dentist work on your teeth?

A. Our patients have often received multiple procedures over the years from different doctors, resulting in a mismatched smile and a less-than-ideal bite. Dr. Judd looks at your whole mouth, from your jaw and bite function to its aesthetic beauty, creating the perfect union of form and function. Instead of focusing on one single procedure, Dr. Judd gives you a complete new start for the rest of your life.

Q. What’s involved in a full mouth rehabilitation?

A. Dr. Bryan Judd will remove cracked, worn-down silver fillings and crowns, repair tooth replacements such as bridges and implants, examine all jaw muscles to make sure they’re in proper health, treat any periodontal disease, and contour your gum line with a painless soft-tissue laser. Once all functional issues have been addressed, Dr. Judd then focuses on the aesthetic aspects of your smile, from placing porcelain veneers and dental implants, to whitening your teeth.

Q. How long will a full mouth rehabilitation take?

A. Our patients are amazed at how easily Dr. Judd can perform a full mouth rehabilitation. He is able to achieve tremendous results at each appointment and is known for his ability to transform patients’ smiles quickly and effectively. After only a few visits, you’ll see a major change in the way your smile looks and feels!