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Contact our office to verify if your insurance is accepted.

We are contracted with Met Life, but are not taking any new Met Life patients at this time.

We have decades of experience avoiding financial surprises by accurately verifying insurance coverage and successfully filing insurance claims for our patients’ treatment needs.

  • We are in-network providers for MetLife.
  • Our fees are registered with insurance companies so that we can give you accurate estimates of your share of cost at each visit.
  • Aside from dental plans, we can also process insurance claims for other PPO plans that allow you to choose high quality care from individual providers.
  • Most major PPO plans will still cover preventative care like examinations, x-rays and cleanings for out of net-work patients.
  • We submit a pre-authorization treatment plan prior to treatment, if we are uncertain of coverage under other smaller or less well-known plans.
  • Our office has chosen to not participate in HMO plans due to their clinical restrictions.

We realize that patients should be wise when choosing a dental office to provide care for their teeth. It is always important to First select an office like ours that will:

  • Complete a thorough examination.
  • Create ideal and alternative treatment plans.
  • Anticipate future treatment needs.
  • Prevent, Protect and Enhance your dentition.
  • Inform you of your condition and options.

Then we take the time to…

  • Discuss your full financial charges up front.
  • Verify your insurance company’s percentage of coverage for a procedure.
  • Review your remaining share of cost.
  • Process and submit claims as accurately and promptly as possible.

How do we act as Your Insurance Advocate when processing your insurance claims?

  • Verify your insurance benefits online when available.
  • Electronically bill with plans that subscribe to this service.
  • Maximize approved claims by taking photographs with an intraoral camera to document treatment needs that may otherwise be undetectable on digital x-rays.
  • Inquire about rarely known insurance exclusions.


Did You Know?

  • We can give you the codes for treatment we have recommended and help you to get needed financial information directly from your carrier.
  • At times, your insurance will be much more transparent about your coverage with you because you are their customer and then we can use this information to assist you in receiving your benefits for the care you might need.
  • Some insurance plans will not pay for a filling if your tooth has already had treatment in the last 18 months
  • You may be owed two cleanings per year, but they must be scheduled at least 6 months and a day apart to be covered by your plan.
  • On occasion, plans will categorize what appears to be unrelated treatment into groupings that will exempt them from paying for additional needed treatment. If you have had gum surgery in an area of your mouth, insurance will not pay for a deep cleaning in that area for 2 to 3 years.
  • If your insurance paid for a temporary filling or appliance, they may not pay for a permanent one for 2-5 years.

We view insurance as one form of payment for your treatment needs, just like cash and credit cards. Therefore, we will always start by informing you of the best treatment available, regardless of insurance limits, and then we will…

  • Determine your insurance benefits; availability and limits.
  • Calculate your remaining share of cost.
  • Assist you with financing through our lending partner, Care Credit, if you so desire.

Please do not hesitate to call our office for your dental insurance related questions. Our team members will be happy to investigate your insurance coverage and provide a detailed breakdown of your costs and benefits.