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Incredibly Realistic Dental Implants in Roseville!



You’ve probably met someone with dental implants and didn’t even know it. Completely natural looking, they have saved hundreds of thousands of beautiful smiles. Dental implants are on the leading edge of technology and use special bio-materials, and they can be placed in only one or two office visits!

You could be a candidate for dental implants. Call The Art of Dentistry in Roseville for an evaluation. We’ll happily answer your questions.

  1. Implants are artificial tooth roots, which anchor to surrounding bone and to which replacement teeth are attached.
  2. Permanent replacement teeth are translucent like natural enamel and are framed by your natural gum tissue.
  3. Implants are long-lasting and reliable.
  4. Implants can replace one tooth, rebuild an entire jaw of missing teeth or secure dentures.

Your concerns and curiosity about the dental implants are important to us. Let us discuss this excellent tooth replacement option with you!

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