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Consistent Hygiene Makes Dentistry Visits Easy

Dental hygiene by Dr. Judd, a dentist in Roseville, is the most valuable service we can offer to our patients. Why? Because, more than just a “cleaning”, these visits allow us to monitor your health and diagnose problems early – when they are much easier and less expensive to repair!

Our expertly skilled and educated dental hygienists use the latest technology available to give you the best of care during your hygiene appointment. Your dentist visit, at our Roseville office, will surround you in a comfortable and safe environment.

Our goal is to help you achieve vibrant health through clear communication, helpful education and demonstration of effective hygiene techniques.

An Extra Step For Your Brushing Routine

Most of us are well versed in the rules of regular brushing: brush often, brush thoroughly, and always complement with a once-a-day flossing. And here’s another rule to add to the list, brush your tongue. It’s an important part of oral hygiene!

The tongue has little projections that contain our taste sensors. Just like teeth, these tiny taste buds can catch and trap food. You can look forward to fresher breath and a truly squeaky-clean mouth by adding this important step.

Other Hygiene Procedures We Offer

Fluoride Varnish: Varnish provides a protective coat on cleaned teeth and reduces cavities and sensitivity. This is the most desirable fluoride to use because it lasts longer and has more absorbency into the teeth.

Oral ID: This is the latest, state of the art technology regarding oral cancer screening.

Laser Technology: Laser with a Deep Tissue Cleaning (Laser Degranulation) eliminates unhealthy tissue and helps promote a fast healing response.

Laser Whitening: Laser Teeth Whitening, our in-office whitening procedure will brighten your smile in just one hour. The laser is safe, effective and the perfect solution for anyone looking for immediate results.

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