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Busting Common Myths About Gum Contouring

December 17, 2022

Busting Common Myths About Gum Contouring

Every person has a different gumline. Our gumlines can be high, low, intermediate, or uneven. If you do not like how your gumline is, you can always opt for gum contouring, a procedure that reshapes your gumline. If you want to undergo this procedure, you can search for the top cosmetic dentist near me and make an appointment. However, there will be some myths about gum contouring that might bother you. So, to help you address these misconceptions, here is a guide to help you clear your mind and make the best decision.

Gum Contouring Is an Unnecessary Procedure

Since gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure, it is often considered unnecessary. Studies have shown a link between teeth and poor oral health, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. A gummy smile does not mean that your oral health is poor. However, poor oral health affects our smiles’ appearance and may even make us want to smile less, thus hurting our confidence and self-esteem. Though reducing a gummy smile may not be medically necessary, it can surely help you show off your beautiful smile without being conscious. This can be achieved if you search for the top cosmetic dentist near me who can help you achieve your best smile.

You Just Have Small Teeth

Many might say that you have small teeth and no gum line problem. But you cannot know for sure unless you go for a consultation and let the dentist examine you. This confusion may arise because excess gum tissue can make your teeth look small. However, there are other reasons you might have tiny teeth, like if you are a chronic teeth grinder, and genetics also plays a role. Moreover, gum disease can also make your teeth appear shorter as the gums are inflamed and take up more room. But this does not last long since the gums will start to recede and cause other problems. So, it is better that you visit a dentist to examine your teeth, gums, and mouth so that they can inform you whether you need gum contouring.

Gum Contouring Involves the Use Of Scalpel

While some dentists may use a scalpel to contour gums, others use a soft tissue laser to perform the contouring. The time taken by the procedure to complete is dependent on how much excess gum tissue you have. But usually, it does not take very long and can be completed in one or two hours. The dentist may give you sedation in order to aid your comfort before beginning the procedure, and then a laser will be used to remove the gum tissue. After the process is completed, you may feel a little bit of tenderness, but it does not last long. However, you might be recommended to take the next day off as you may be groggy from the sedation and want to rest. It may take a week or a few weeks for the contouring to heal. Also, you will have to be gentle when brushing your teeth, eat soft foods, and take over-the-counter medications as directed by your dentist.

Summing Up

So, these are some of the most common myths around gum contouring. If you are still skeptical about getting a gum contour, you can consult with your nearest dentist and take their suggestions.

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