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What makes our Roseville veneers different?

May 3, 2012

Veneers Roseville, CA

Dr. Bryan Judd has the skills and expertise to make the difference in your new smile.  He works with the finest laboratory to give you precisely the most amazing smile you could desire.

What makes Dr. Judd different though?  Working with an amazing team is where it starts.  The team members at The Art of Dentistry strive for excellence each day and are the patients advocate!

If you’re interested in enhancing your smile with veneers we are the place to come!  We begin your experience with a consultation we take a smile photo which Dr. and one of his skilled team members listen to your desires and explain how your dreams can come true with porcelain veneers in Roseville, CA.

You next appointment is diagnostic gathering- impressions and photos are taken and sent to our lab where they create a smile template “mock-up” for you.  After this is created, we are ready to begin the fun and exciting process of creating your new smile!

The best part of this appointment is walking into the office with your old smile, weather it be crooked, chipped, yellowed, stained, or gappy smile and leaving with your new, beautiful, straight, and white smile!  We can’t explain what a huge difference and confidence booster this is!  Dr. Judd will see you within a few days after you are placed into your “temporary smile” to smooth any edges as needed and to make your smile perfect!  We then take an impression and send it to the lab where they create your porcelain veneers exactly as your temporaries are… this is where there is no room for error.  We discuss color options to have your smile as bright and white as you want!

The lab creates your veneers and your next visit with Dr. Judd is to deliver your beautiful, custom veneers and give you that smile you’ve always wanted and dreamed of!

Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Bryan Judd, an amazing and dedicated dentist in the Roseville, CA area!

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