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We at the Art of Dentistry embrace technology that benefits our patients and improves patient care.  We watch very closely to see how this technology evolves, because being the first to “hop on the train” with new technology might not always be the best thing for our patients.

After studying and evaluating many companies for some time now, we have acquired a dental scanner that scans images of teeth directly to a digital file, then we electronically send the file to our laboratory.  The advantages for you are many, but the biggest one is that we do not have to use goopy materials to make impressions of your teeth—we can hear you cheering now!  The scan is fast, easy, and accurate; and we can store your 3D information indefinitely.  This side of dental technology is evolving rapidly, but you can be assured that we will keep up with what is best for you, our valued patients.

We’ve been pleased with the results in the few months since we starting using the scanner; we know you will be pleased as well.