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CAD CAM Dentistry from Dr Judd

March 14, 2011

Hello all,

  Life has been very exciting since we implemented the CAD CAM technology to fabricate crowns in the office.  CAD CAM stands for Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Milling.  What it means for us is the ability to have total control from start to finish on the truly gorgeous crowns and onlays we deliver to you, our friends.  A model, or even your tooth, is scanned using a wand about the size of a pen and a 3-dimensional image is then generated in the computer.  The crown or onlay is next designed in the computer and then sent to the milling unit, and out of a solid block of incredibly strong porcelain, the restoration is fabricated.  Julie that adds the final touches that truly make works of art.  I have been watching this technology for years and with the advent of this very strong porcelain and the new software, the time was right to bring this technology to you.  It is working very well and our patients love the quick turn-around form prep to cementation.

  Please ask to see a demo next time you are in the office.

Thank you always for making our going to work so enjoyable.  We love you, our patients.

Bryan Judd, DDS

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