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Answering your questions about Veneers

April 16, 2016

If you want to enhance your smile, veneers might be right for you!

We understand there can be many questions involved with veneers- we are here to answer them for you!  One of the main questions we are asked- what is the lifespan of veneers?  Well, there is no solid answer to this.  The typical time range is 5-15 years, however, they could last less time or much much longer.  This is dependent on the patients home care and maintenance on their veneers. Brushing twice daily and flossing once daily, receiving your professional cleanings twice to three times per year, or as recommended by your dental hygienist, and the wearing of a night guard to protect them while you sleep.  Cost is another question we receive a lot.  Veneers range from $1000-2500.  This vary in price is due to post-grad training of the dentist and the lab who’s creating your new smile.

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