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A Filling’s a Filling, Or is It?

March 15, 2018

A Filling’s a Filling, Or is It?

There is a difference between our office and other offices, even in
the most routine procedures. Technology has changed on how
we do fillings, and the accuracy and makeup of the materials we
use is state of the art.

We are now able to take photo’s of the tooth to be worked on, as
it is cleaned, and of the final restoration to show you the final
filling. By seeing the tooth on the screen we can see details far
beyond what we would see with our eyes, guaranteeing a great

We place a decay checking stain into the prep that turns any
decay dark, allowing again to check and make sure all decay is
removed. The special band we put around the tooth is sharped
to mimic the natural curve of the tooth makes for a filling that fits
and feel perfect. We warm the filling material, called a
composite, and because it is warmed, it flows easily into the
cavity for an exact fit. This is new technology.
In the more than thirty years that I have been doing dentistry,
these are the best fillings that I have done. They not only look
incredible but will last a long time. Yes, there is a difference.

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