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A Filling’s a Filling, Or is It?

March 15, 2018

A Filling’s a Filling, Or is It? There is a difference between our office and other offices, even in the most routine procedures. Technology has changed on how we do fillings, and the accuracy and makeup of the materials we use is state of the art. We are now able to take photo’s of the tooth to be worked on, as it is cleaned, and of the final restoration  […]

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CariVu – The Latest Technology Increasing Our Vision With Your Teeth

March 6, 2018

We are using a new technology that allows us to see between teeth without the use of an X-Ray.  The product is called CariVu and is a near-infrared light that is shined through the teeth.  It shows up as a video that looks like an X-Ray.  We are, at many times, able to see decay, cracks and other defects far sooner than what X-Rays allow.  This  […]

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