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Let Us Look To Be Thankful!

December 13, 2018

I have just gone through total shoulder replacement on my LEFT shoulder.  I have been blessed with how easily and quickly the recovery has gone.  Why my left shoulder?  I just do not know, but I am back to work after taking the Thanksgiving week off to heal and be with family.

I have learned to appreciate many little things of life, like tying my shoes, buttoning my shirt, closing the door of my car and just living without pain.  Work is doing fine, but I marvel how those that are handicapped in any way deal with the normal tasks of everyday life.  I have learned empathy.



Our youngest daughter, Rachael, works for Hope 4 Kids International, an organization that helps feed, educate and truly bless the lives of so many people in Africa and other underprivileged countries throughout the world.  Rachael just got back from Uganda, seeing the beautiful children, who smile, laugh and show love and kindness to all around them.  By the World’s standards they have nothing.  But Rachael truly saw a rich people, grateful for what they have.  We all can learn a lot about true happiness.

At this time of Christmas, let us look to be thankful, and reach out to those around us that need a smile, a hug or a listening ear.  Let us be helping hands to all we see.

Dr. Bryan Judd

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